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Catch is built to reach, impact, and tickle audiences. It's a cause we're endlessly devoted to whether our clients like it or not.

Our newest work for Nike is just one good example.View Case Study ›

We are joined at the hip to accomplish one mission:To help our clients grow and thrive, fast.

We're busy imagining lots of great stuff.Conjuring and producing a seriously wide range of commercial content, from ads that your parents might see, and ad-like objects in places they won't.

Using innovation to find meaning in our universe.Creating game-changing ways to uncover new truths about consumers and culture, while leveraging technology.

Allowing big data to write some cool stories.Analyzing data and relentlessly tweaking media formulas and creative to optimize and improve the mood of our clients.

And servicing our clients like helicopter parents.Catch has an unrelenting 24/7 commitment, and a notably bad sense of humor that most people seem to enjoy.


Vans releases Built [Rowley] Strong

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"If it doesn't help the athlete, get rid of it" How Nike is reinventing performance eyewear.
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These Luxury Hotel Ads Use Instagram Shots Instead of Professional Photos. Unusual indeed for the category.
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Catch honors the memory of our friend David Caquias with the David Caquias Family Education Fund.
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Doug Spitzer

Chief Creative Officer

A co-founder of Catch and copywriter by trade, Doug previously carried a title that made his parents proud as a Senior Vice President, Creative Director with the Nitro Group where he was responsible for the agency's Foot Locker brand accounts, and its work with leading vendors Adidas, Nike, and Puma. He also provided support to the agency's Mars client on the Twix brand, on new business as Nitro's Head of Retail Committee. Prior to that he was the Senior Creative Director at AKA Advertising, the previous home of the Foot Locker business. He joined AKA in 2003 after spending four years as a creative and strategic consultant for clients including Regal Cinemedia, SFX Sports Marketing Group, Sony, Time Warner, and the four major American sports leagues. Earlier in his career he worked for the National Football League, departing as the Senior Manager of Advertising and New Business, the youngest employee in the company at that level. He began his journey as an errand boy at Arnold in Boston and at Wells Rich Greene in Los Angeles. Doug's work has been recognized by NBC, the New York Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, as well as with several advertising industry honors his friends don't care about. A graduate of Tufts University, he lives in Manhattan with his two lovely TVs.

Joe Perello

Managing Partner

A co-founder of Catch New York, Joe leads the company's integrated marketing group with a focus on the wide-open world of earned media. He comes to the agency after leaving his post as the first ever Chief Marketing Officer for the City of New York. Appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Joe established a new public-private model that generated over $100 million for city initiatives in tourism, health, education, and economic development. This pioneering practice has set the standard for city marketing. Previously, Joe was the Vice President of Business Development for the New York Yankees, where he helped double sponsorship revenue and set new attendance records. He was a principal in David Bowie's online music venture, UltraStar and started his career as a direct marketer with MBNA America. He has spoken about marketing at Harvard, Stanford, and NYU and has written for the Sports Business Journal and Brandweek. He serves on the boards of Two Bridges Neighborhood Council and the Armory Foundation.

Arie Kovant

Managing Partner

After serving in the Air Force and a in short stint at a large agency (that shall remain nameless) in the early 1980's, Arie felt the need to carve his own way and co-founded Alperin & Kovant, a boutique design shop. Over the next decade he grew the shop into a full-service agency helping a wide variety of retail and luxury clients, including overseeing the launch of Innovation Luggage and Daniel K. Jewelry. An entrepreneur at heart, Arie started over again in 1999 as the founder and President of AKA Advertising. At the diverse marketing agency dedicated to the branding and promotion of some of the world's best known athletic brands, he and the AKA team helped shape the growth of Foot Locker into a global footware leader. Arie guided the company until its eventual acquisition by Nitro in 2007. As a director on the Executive Board of CAPS (Child Abuse Prevention Services) Arie has been tirelessly raising money for the prevention of child abuse for the past 12 years. At Catch, Arie is focused on operations and client development, and can be expected to treat clients as he always has... like family.

Joe Perello

Managing Partner

Doug Spitzer

Chief Creative Officer

Arie Kovant

Managing Partner

Best said, we're a hungry and aggressive agencywith a big heart and a light touchand we hope you get to know us a lot better

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Catch helped AARP change the way people think about being 50

Catch worked with AARP Media Sales to accomplish a critical objective: sell in the 50+ audience to a young and youth-obsessed media industry. Nielsen had recently begun measuring audiences over 50 years old, but media buyers and planners, many under 30 themselves, had an outdated and skewed sense of AARP and its media properties. It was our job to re-introduce the AARP Media brand to the industry, support the AARP sales staff to grow print and digital sales and attract top-tier brands that previously shunned AARP. And we're proud to say we've accomplished all three.

"Catch has a strong POV yet they accommodate me and my many masters to deliver strong results. What we're trying to say to marketers is put your money where the money is."

Patricia Lippe Davis, Vice President, Marketing AARP Media Sales


Catch relaunches a dormant category for a global power.

Athletes everywhere are ready to be introduced to The Nike Vaporwing Elite, a product of two years of reinventing the brand design and manufacturing of performance eyewear.

Catch was given the honor of telling this story, and began by speaking with hundreds of professional, collegiate, and dedicated amateur runners. One key truth emerged: as the bodies of athletes continue to be pushed to the limits — their muscles and lungs honed to perfection — their eyes, a primary tool in their quest for excellence, are seemingly resistant to improvement. We disagreed. Nike was investing in the athletes' vision, increasing their ability to focus on their every motion, protecting them from environmental distractions, and offering them both physical and psychological advantages over their competition.

  • The campaign itself also took a different path. Amongst a barrage of short attention span bait, Nike and Catch believed that the journey that led to the birth of the Vaporwing Elite was worth telling from beginning to end, highlighting the brilliant minds that brought this next-generation product to life.

  • The resulting work features a :30 launch spot that quite literally grabs eyeballs, and a series of short documentaries that tell the story from the perspective of the design team at Nike, eyewear giant Marchon, lens innovator Zeiss, and American 400-meter hurdler Bershawn Jackson. In the end, the world will once again understand that Nike goes to incredible lengths to answer the challenges posed by world-class athletes relentlessly striving to improve their performance.

    And Catch believes that they will want to hear the whole story of how "Your Eyes Have Evolved."



A unique campaign lets guests do the talking.

Coming off a strong year, Loews Hotels & Resorts was in search of the next big thing to increase awareness and consideration of the brand, while driving direct bookings by connecting with the target audience on a human level. With a limited share of voice in a crowded field, Catch sought to break Loews through the "sea of sameness" by showcasing a more genuine guest experience across the brand, in a way that none of its competition could match. The result: Travel for Real, a first-in-category campaign that sources guest-generated social media imagery. Because, as we like to say, nobody tells the Loews story like the guests themselves.

  • As the brand's first fully integrated campaign across all marketing touch points, Travel For Real gives Loews its best platform yet to achieve a cohesive brand positioning that clearly differentiates it within the category.

  • Tiled-Ads

"There are no tricks... 'Travel For Real' is the real deal, through the eyes, and lenses, of our guests who loved the time they had at Loews."

Doug Spitzer
Chief Creative Officer, Catch NY


Catch helps a tech giant expand its reach even further.

By the time Meg Whitman took over HP in 2011, the technology revolution had already begun: today, the business is more about services than simply selling hardware by itself. So HP enlisted Catch and created ServiceOne, a nationwide network of licensed, value-added resellers (VARS) trained to install and maintain the latest and greatest in tech solutions. We helped transform HP's business – and as for the VARS themselves, well, we've transformed a few of them, too.

"Catch is changing the way HP works with the channel. Through its work on ServiceOne, Catch has dramatically elevated the game in every sense: brand transformation, marketing discipline and lead generation."

Ken Archer
Americas VP for Channels & Alliances, Technology Services at Hewlett-Packard